Apply For

  1. City Jobs

    View city jobs that are currently open and the city employment application.

  2. Commercial Remodel Permit (PDF)

    Complete the application to acquire a permit for a commercial remodel.

  3. Dog Adoption (PDF)

    Apply to adopt a dog from the City of Bandera dog shelter.

  4. Economic Development Programs

    Apply for Economic Development programs and appointments.

  5. Residential Construction Permit (PDF)

    Find the application to receive a permit for new residential construction.

  6. Sign Permit (PDF)

    Apply for a sign permit with the city.

  7. Vendor of Peddler Status (PDF)

    Citizens wanting to act as vendors or peddlers in Bandera must fill out this application.

  8. Water Services (PDF)

    Sign up to receive water services from the City of Bandera.