Animal Services

Pet Licenses

It is required by City Ordinance to register your dog(s) with the City of Bandera. It’s also your dog’s ticket back to you, should they get lost. If your dog arrives at the City Animal Shelter or a veterinarian's office, their city tag will help us get them home fast and safe. Your dog’s tag is valid for 1 year and the fee must be paid annually. If your dog is found without a city tag, you will get fined, and possibly ticketed, so stop by City Hall and get your dog their new tag today! 

Dog Registration Form (PDF)

Local Veterinarians

For the safety of Bandera residents and their pets, it is also required to have your dog(s) vaccinated for rabies. Please provide a copy of the Certification of Vaccination to the City. Below is a list of some of the great places that would be happy to take care of your vaccination needs.

Bandera Hill Country Veterinary

1413 State Highway 173 S
Bandera, TX 78003
Phone: 830-796-3787

Bandera Veterinarian Clinic

1989 Highway 16 N
Bandera, TX 78003
Phone: 830-796-3003

Pipe Creek Animal Clinic

1113 State Highway 16 S
Pipe Creek, TX 78063
Phone: 830-535-4406

Stephen Sells, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Phone: 830-796-4950