Permit Process:

- Customer turns in application along with application fee to City Hall

- If no information is missing, the Permitting Department sends the application and all relevant information to Bureau Veritas, a third-party inspection company. Permitting Department reviews application for any missing information.

- Bureau Veritas will review the application and relevant information. If they require more information, they will contact the “Contact Person” listed on the application form.

- Once Bureau Veritas deems the application complete, they will notify the Permitting Department. The Permitting Department will then calculate fees and issue permit from City Hall.

- Once the permit has been picked up AND paid for, the work can begin.

- Any inspections will be made with Bureau Veritas directly. The Permitting Department is given a copy of inspection reports.

Any permit applications received after 3:00 p.m. WILL NOT be processed until the next business day.

Our permit handbook has all the information about construction permits, both commercial and residential, sign permits, contractor registration, certificates of occupancy, and zoning changes. It also contains the information for Bureau Veritas, the company we have a contract with to do inspections and plan reviews.

Commercial Permit Application (PDF)

Residential Permit Application (PDF)

Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Banner Application (PDF)

Contractor Registration Form (PDF)

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report Form (PDF)

Parade or Public Assembly Application (PDF)

All contractors must be registered with the City before they can start work. General contractors only need to submit a copy of a valid driver’s license. All sub-contractors are required to submit a copy of a valid driver’s license, a copy of a valid state license and a copy of a certificate of general liability insurance coverage.

Certificate of Occupancy Application Form (PDF)

Only commercial properties are required to have a Certificate of Occupancy.

Zoning Change Application (PDF)

The applications MUST be in the Wednesday before the event by 5pm.

Food Vendor Permit Information (PDF)

Food Vendor Permit Application (PDF)

The applications MUST be in the Wednesday before the event by 5pm.

Vendor Permit Application (PDF).

Download PDF Readers

The applications and permits may require you to download a PDF document reader.
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